12 things to explore in Copenhagen Harbour.

12 things to explore in Copenhagen Harbour.

Here is a list of what you can expect to experience when we take you on a boatride in Copenhagen harbour. We will always customise your trip upon departure to ensure your needs depending on the time you booked! otherwise, we can always take the helm of the experience and let the trip come as a surprise for every corner we take in Copenhagen’s harbour.

Copenhagen Street Food Market on Refshaleøen: Located in the former industrial area of Refshaleøen, this market offers a diverse range of international street food and a vibrant atmosphere.

Nyhavn: This picturesque canal is lined with colorful 17th and early 18th-century townhouses, many of which are now bars, cafes, and restaurants. It’s a lively spot filled with historical wooden ships.

The Opera House: Designed by Henning Larsen and opened in 2005, this modern and stunning building is situated on the island of Holmen and offers impressive architecture.

Amalienborg Palace: The home of the Danish royal family, this rococo-style palace complex consists of four identical buildings. The central square offers a great view from the water.

The Black Diamond (Royal Danish Library): A striking modern building clad in black granite, this extension to the Royal Danish Library offers a unique architectural contrast to the historic buildings of Copenhagen.

Christiansborg Palace: Located on the islet of Slotsholmen, this palace houses the Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Prime Minister’s Office. It’s an impressive sight with a rich history.

Church of Our Saviour: Known for its corkscrew-shaped spire with an external winding staircase, this baroque church in the Christianshavn district provides a distinctive silhouette against the skyline.

Paper Island (Papirøen): Previously home to the city’s street food market, this area is undergoing redevelopment but remains an interesting spot to see new architectural projects and temporary installations.

Frederiksholm Canal: A scenic canal passing through central Copenhagen, offering views of historic buildings, including the National Museum and the Royal Danish Arsenal Museum.

The Gefion Fountain: A large and impressive fountain located near the harbor, depicting the Norse goddess Gefion driving a group of oxen. It’s one of the largest monuments in Copenhagen.

Holmen: A former naval base now home to creative institutions, theaters, and schools, including the Danish Film School and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

The Little Mermaid Statue: One of Copenhagen’s most iconic landmarks, this bronze statue is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale. It’s located on a rock by the waterside at the Langelinie promenade.

These attractions offer a mix of historical and modern sights, providing a comprehensive view of Copenhagen’s rich cultural landscape from the water.